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Toronto's Storm On Saturday Was An Apocalypse Movie IRL

The loud and violent thunderstorm in Toronto on Saturday, August 28, felt less like a summer storm and more like a summer blockbuster.

From dark, dramatic clouds obscuring a red sunset to the howling wind, pouring rain and massive lightning strikes that shook the entire city, Torontonians could be forgiven for thinking they'd accidentally stumbled onto the set of 2012 or Geostorm.

If you somehow managed to sleep through the whole thing, don't worry — Toronto residents grabbed some amazing footage of the whole thing!

Toronto has been under a thunderstorm watch for several days now, but the severity of the weather event will have no doubt taken plenty of people by surprise.

The storm rolled in late on Saturday, before quickly turning into powerful wind and rainstorms and culminating with several gigantic lightning strikes across the city — you could even see them from the Toronto Islands.

One video even catches a branch of lightning crawling its way across the Ontario sky, in what looks like a scene made by a very talented CGI artist.

And if 1940s apocalypse films are more your vibe, this black-and-white photo of two lightning strikes in East Toronto will surely scratch that itch.

from toronto

All told, the storm was a magnificent (and terrifying) way of bursting the humidity bubble that Toronto has endured over the past week — but hopefully your power is back on and you didn't get too drenched in the process!

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