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Toronto's Getting Its 'First Heat Event Of The Season' This Week & It's Going To Be So Hot

Who needs Cabo when you live in the 6ix?

Toronto Staff Writer
CN Tower. Right: Sugar Beach in Toronto.

CN Tower. Right: Sugar Beach in Toronto.

Toronto is starting the week off with some hot and spicy weather, and residents will want to stay hydrated as the first "heat event" of the season rolls in.

Environment Canada released a special weather statement on Monday at 4:33 a.m. reporting that the city will see "hot and increasingly humid weather" from Monday, May 30 to Tuesday, May 31.

Temperatures are expected to "approach 30 today" in Toronto, so if you plan on being out and about in the sun, you may want to double up on the sunblock and maybe pack an extra water bottle or two.

Tonight will also be nice and toasty, with temperatures expected to "briefly" fall into the high teens, according to EC. So if you don't feel like enduring the brunt of the heat during the day, you can slip outside tonight and enjoy some cooler temperatures.

But that break from the sun won't last long, with Tuesday anticipated to be even hotter with "maximum temperatures" climbing into the low thirties and the "forecast minimum" in several areas sitting in the "low twenties."

Residents won't be able to escape the heat on Tuesday evening either, with EC predicting that Toronto will see "little relief" from high temperatures into the night.

Thankfully the season's first heat event won't be here for long, with "cooler air" set to blow in on Wednesday.

EC warns that these weather conditions do "pose a health risk when you are not used to the heat" and are advising people to "drink plenty of cool liquids before feeling thirsty" and to "keep cool by dressing for the weather and spending more time in a cool place."

While the heat can impact everyone, EC also warns that "older adults; infants and young children; and people with chronic illnesses" are especially at risk.

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