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There's A Storm Wreaking Havoc Across Ontario & It's Supposed To Rage All Night (VIDEOS)

High winds and heavy rains are causing all sorts of damage.
There's A Storm Wreaking Havoc Across Ontario & It's Supposed To Rage All Night (VIDEOS)

The videos and photos of the Ontario storm that's tearing its way across the region are pretty remarkable.

The Canadian government made an announcement on Sunday morning warning of intense winds and rains sweeping their way through the province all day and all night.

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Winds and rains are supposed to ease by Monday morning, so until then, hang on to your hats, Ontario! 

Towns and cities all over the province had to deal with the wind, which was making quite a stir in Norfolk County, ON.

Lake Erie and Lake Ontario were hit hard by the storm.

And a Toronto apartment building on the Harbourfront had the glass on their balconies shattered by the winds.

Those winds could reach 110 km/h and bring heavy rain with them.

The storm wasn't all bad — one Twitter user said the storm gave her some welcome gardening help.

But not all Ontarians were so lucky.

All sorts of trees and fences were blown down by the storm, which even carried this shed 20 feet out into the road.

The Ontario storm continues to rage over much of the province.

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