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Canadian YouTubers

Try something new! If you're getting tired of watching Netflix, switch up your routine and check out some of the talented Canadian YouTubers out there. Although there are thousands of people who post videos on the platform, these content creators know how to stand out.

No matter if your hobbies include baking, nail art, makeup, or even just passing time by watching funny videos, these Canadians have got you covered. They come from all across the country and prove just how skilled we Canuck's really are.

Get to know Calgarian Cody Ko, who blew up on Vine and now spends his time in California making hilarious videos, or Yolanda Gampp, who will teach you how to make Pinterest-worthy cakes like a pro.

The next time you're looking for something to do, shower your fellow Canadians with love and support — you won't regret it!


Lauren Riihimaki's channel is full of all kinds of content, from at-home acrylic manicures to room decor on a budget. She has nearly nine million subscribers and puts out new videos every week.

According to her Instagram, she currently lives in Los Angeles and will be hosting Craftopia on HBO Max.

Simply Nailogical

Cristine Rotenberg hails from Ontario and has over 7 million YouTube subscribers. Her channel consists of easy to follow nail art videos, vlogs with her boyfriend and cats, and other fun trends.

How To Cake It

If you're a big fan of baking, you'll want to become one of Yolanda Gampp's four million subscribers. In her videos, Gampp gives instructions on how to recreate her delicious masterpieces, including giant tacos, Twix bars, and graduation caps — all made of cake.


Charles Raynor, who also goes by Charle$ and Wolfie, is from Ottawa. When he's not making music, you can find him filming fun challenges for his channel.

According to his Instagram, he's dating Sylvia Gani, who also creates content on YouTube and TikTok.

Cody Ko

If you become one of Cody Ko's nearly five million YouTube subscribers, you'll get to see hilarious content of him reacting to reality shows and TikToks.

He was born in Calgary, but his channel says that he currently resides in Venice, California.

Adelaine Morin

Calling all beauty gurus! Adelaine's channel is full of fun makeup tutorials and outfit ideas, and she even gives subscribers an unfiltered look at her life.

According to her Instagram, she splits her time between Toronto and Los Angeles, and she also has a vlog channel where she chronicles her daily life.