A Comedian Pranked CourtTV With His Friends To Get Paid & Here's What They Did With The Money

They made up cases on national TV.

The comedian explaining how he got on CourtTV. Right: The CourtTV episode.
Florida Associate Editor

The comedian explaining how he got on CourtTV. Right: The CourtTV episode.

A comedian, Ben Palmer, revealed he and his friends used to sue each other to get on CourtTV, and they would split the money earned from winning cases they made up.

Palmer took to TikTok and not only told his secret way to make extra cash but also showed a part of the episode for proof. His video upload received 12.4M views since he uploaded it to the social media app on April 4.

"The court show lets you sue for up to $5,000, and they pay whoever wins. So, we made sure the plaintiff always won and we split the money," he said.

He pretended to be a promoter who was suing a comedian that left a show he paid him to perform at. The trial could be seen on Judge Joe Brown.


💼DALLAS, TX! I’ll be there this weekend Apr 7&8 at Dallas Comedy Club Dallas - 4.7 4.8 Richmond - 4.19 Chicago - 4.26 Nashville - 5.2 Louisville - 5.3 Akron OH - 5.4 Janesville WI - 5.5 + 5.6 Salt Lake City - 5.15 Tacoma - 5.16 Spokane - 5.17 Portland - 5.21 Sacramento - 5.23 San Francisco - 5.24 Brea, CA - 5.25 Las Vegas - 5.26 San Jose - 9.6 Oxnard CA - 9.7

The defendant who played the comedian that was supposed to perform said, "the club not even in the hood, but the whole hood inside the club, your honor."

This famous one-liner left people watching the clip cracking up.

One person commented that she knew some of these cases were too good to be true.

Some people were arguing the legality of it all, while others wondered how he got on the show.

"Usually the show 'recruits' cases from small claims court. Sometimes the parties apply to the show but I think it has to be a 'real' case," a TikToker replied.

Another user responded it was true and that Judge Brown and Judge Judy reached out to her when she was tied up in a legal woe.

Narcity reached out to CourtTV requesting comment. They have not immediately responded.

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Florida Associate Editor
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