Canada's Top Doctor Has COVID-19 Dating Advice & Virtual Dates Are Recommended

Dr. Tam wants you to be careful who you're kissing!
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COVID-19 Dating Advice From Canada's Top Doc Includes Taking Things "Slowly"

Canada’s top doctor has dished out some COVID-19 dating advice. Dr. Theresa Tam is urging Canadians to be especially picky about who they let into their social bubble in the near future, and to take things “slowly” when it comes to dating. The “wisest thing to do,” she said, is to date in smaller numbers wherever possible.

On July 3, during a COVID-19 press conference, Canada’s Chief Public Health Officer was put on the spot when she was asked about safely dating and having sex during the pandemic.

Admitting she’d never been asked a question about safe sex during a pandemic, Dr. Theresa Tam added, "I'm not a dating expert …”

However, the doctor went on to share some words of wisdom for Canadians that are looking to get back on the dating scene in the near future.

"Like anything to do with social interactions in the sort of COVID-era, I think doing everything to reduce your risk is the key," Tam said.

To be “sensible,” she advised starting with virtual dates, as opposed to meeting up in public spaces and having close interactions.

If you do head out on a date, Tam suggests meeting at an outdoor location. A picnic in the park, for example.

Daters should also continue to follow standard public health advice, such as not touching your face, regularly cleaning your hands and keeping at least 2 metres apart.

If you do choose to meet up with somebody, keep the kissing to a minimum!

"Everyone knows COVID-19 is spread by respiratory droplets, so if you were, you know, kissing someone of course this is a potential route of transmission," Tam said.

She advised Canadians to take each encounter very seriously, noting that each meet-up is entering into a "serious social contract."

She noted that if you can’t just have one sexual or romantic partner, it’s important to keep your bubble as small as possible. "Singular dating or smaller numbers is probably the wisest thing to do," Tam said. 

Most importantly, Tam said, is to steer clear of the dating scene if you’re feeling unwell.

"Don't date if you're sick," she stated.

She also advised those who have underlying conditions, or those who have family members that are high-risk, to think carefully about the risks they could be taking by meeting up with strangers.

Like reopening social and economic activities, Dr. Tam simply asked people to date “carefully and slowly.”

Happy dating, Canada!

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