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This Tiny House For Sale In Dallas Will Have You Living A Disney Fairy Tale Life

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This Tiny House For Sale In Dallas Will Have You Living A Disney Fairy Tale Life

Tiny Homes are popping up everywhere around Dallas.

Now one of them can be yours, and it is sure to stick out of the bunch.

This truly magical home just went for sale in Dallas and has the simple aesthetic of a beautiful fairy tale cottage that feels like something out of a Disney movie, and for just $49,000.

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180 Square Feet 

The brand new tiny palace was built this year and has just about everything you need to live a simple low-key life.

You'll be resting on a queen-sized bed in your very own loft while you could also have a friend stay the night on the full-sized couch downstairs, or rather down the ladder.

[rebelmouse-image 25999730 photo_credit="tinyhouselistings" expand=1 original_size="1200x800"] tinyhouselistings

A kitchenette filled with all the necessities, including a microwave, two-eye hot plate, and a fridge with a freezer will be at your disposal.

Number ones and twos will also be easy with a full bathroom featuring an eco-friendly toilet being part of the deal, as well as a perfectly-sized shower.

Of course, the house sits on wheels! Meaning you'll be able to take your home across the world.

Urban Cottage Tiny House RV

Price: $49,000

Address: Wherever you park it! 

Description: Unique and beautiful tiny home filled with everything you need to live a happy life.

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