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This Dallasite That Made 'The Voice' Might Be The Next John Mayer (VIDEO)

Another Dallas musician is making a name for himself 🎵

Dallas is home to a countless number of talented musicians, and one is now about to watch his world change forever.

Ryan Berg, 27, of Dallas, just made Team Gwen on NBC's "The Voice" after singing John Mayer's "Waiting On The World To Change" in Monday night's episode.

His cover of the famous pop song sounds as if John Mayer himself was born and raised in East Dallas.

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You don't have a choice. You're stuck me. You're so lucky! 

Gwen Stefani 

Berg was selected by Gwen Stefani less than ten seconds into his performance, but she had to block co-judge and close friend John Legend in order to lock him down.

He has been in the music scene as a singer-songwriter for years now but this is his first appearance in the spotlight.

His first and only album, "The Velvet Ears," was released in 2017 and can now be heard on Spotify.

To add to the John Mayer analogy, he does indeed play guitar and wear really cool hats as well.

Berg will now go on a musical journey with superstar Gwen Stefani on one of the most popular competition shows in the country in hopes of making his dream come true.