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This Marijuana-Themed Sandwich Shop Has Finally Made Its Way To Dallas

These sandwiches are smokin' hot đŸ”„
This Marijuana-Themed Sandwich Shop Has Finally Made Its Way To Dallas

Dallas has a wide variety of sandwich shops, but this one is guaranteed to stick out from the bunch.

Cheba Hut, the cannabis-themed sandwich shop chain officially opened a new joint (pun intended) deep in the heart of DFW in late September.

Before you ask, none of the food contains actual cannabis due to the fact that it is still illegal in Texas.

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Everything about the shop is marijuana-themed.

Photos of the Grateful Dead, Bob Marley, and other popular marijuana icons are paid tribute to on the walls of the restaurant.

The drinks are referred to as "cotton mouth cures," while their sides are, you guessed it, "munchies."

The spot even contains a full bar that serves cannabis-themed cocktails, including the "Cheba Rita," and the "Bloody Mary Jane."

Cheba Hut is currently offering dine-in services but at limited capacity due to COVID-19.

Carry-out and delivery are also available.

Cheba Hut 

Price: 💾

Cuisine: Sandwiches 

Address: 2808 Main St, Dallas, TX

Why You Need To Go: Unique environment with a wide selection of signature sandwiches 

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