This Canadian Company Is Giving Away $2K US To One Seriously Sweaty Person

Being an excessively sweaty person might finally pay off.

Dermadry Wants To Gift $2,000 USD To One Seriously Sweaty Student

A company out of Montreal called Dermadry is now accepting applications for their US$2,000 Hyperhidrosis Scholarship and sweaty students are invited to apply.

Hyperhidrosis is a medical condition that causes abnormally excessive sweating that occurs with you're not necessarily hot or exercising. Students from around the world who experience excessive sweating are invited to apply via the application form and submissions are open until August 22.

According to Dermadry, here's what you need to do: "Record a video of yourself talking about your hyperhidrosis story and how excessive sweating has affected your daily life as a student." Then, you'll need to submit your video and application. There will be 14 finalists selected and posting about your entry on social media could help your cause because a finalist spot will be awarded to:

  • The person with the most likes on Instagram on their post about the contest
  • The person with the most likes and unique retweets on Twitter
  • The person with the most views on TikTok
  • The person with the most views on YouTube

All 14 finalists and the winner will also get a Dermadry Total device. The 14 finalists will be contacted on August 24 and the voting period will then begin to determine the winner. The contest ends on August 30.

So, if you have hyperhidrosis and you're in need of some cash, this might be your shot.