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Devil's Thumb Trail In Alberta Has Everything Including Waterfalls & Turquoise Lakes

There’ are some things around Alberta that are too magical not to share and this hike is one of them. Devil’s Thumb in Lake Louise has it all including waterfalls, turquoise lakes, and some serious mountain top views. Fair warning, this hike is for the experienced so be sure to go prepared. 

In case you haven't noticed, Alberta is gorgeous

The province is filled with amazing hikes, and many of them are in the stunning Lake Louise area. 

Devil's Thumb is accessible through Lake Agnes Trail and it's just shy of 12 kilometres, out and back. 

Since it’s near Lake Louise, you already know that the views are going to be otherworldly. 

Primarily used for hiking, running, and rock climbing, this trail is considered to be hard so if you’re going to try it out, be sure to have all the necessary equipment. 

The entire hike should take you about three to four hours depending on how fast you want to approach it. 

To get to the hike, park in the main Lake Louise parking lot and follow the sign that says Lake Agnes. Turn right and begin to follow the well-marked trail. 

Eventually, your path will fork but you'll want to turn left, says The Outbound. After this, you'll reach Mirror Lake which is a small body of water that's totally worth a stop. 

Once you take in the views, start heading towards Lake Agnes and continue up the main trail. 

You'll need to climb a set of stairs which will take you to the teahouse and while it's quite the sight, more views await you. 

From the teahouse, follow the trail southwest along the shore of Lake Agnes. After several switchbacks, you'll get to the Big Beehive. 

The Outbound claims that to get to the Devils Thumb, head right.

Once you reach the summit, that’s where the epic views come in. As you look straight ahead you'll see unobstructed views of Lake Louise and the water is insanely turquoise

You'll also get to see Mount Victoria, Abbot Pass, and Mount Leroy. 

While the summit is the main attraction, be sure to take your time hiking along the way.

There will be tons of things to see including a waterfall along the Lake Agnes trail. 

We don’t care what TLC said, this waterfall was meant to be chased. 

Just remember to be respectful of your surroundings and always take the proper precautions before heading out on a hike. 

The Devil's Thumb

Address: Lake Louise, AB

Why You Need To Go: If you're up for a challenging hike then this might be for you. The pictures of the summit don't do it justice, it's something you need to see for yourself. 

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