Florida Skies Will Get A Double Dose Of Stellar With Twin Meteor Showers This Week

And even a chance for bright fireballs!
Double Meteor Shower In Florida With Fireballs Will Peak And Dazzle Skies This Week

Florida’s night sky has been ablaze with celestial wonders recently, and this week is no exception. On the heels of the NEOWISE comet that captivated stargazers last week comes not one, but two shooting star shows. Not only will stargazers get a double dose of meteor showers in Florida this week, but also a good chance to see fireballs light up the sky!

NEOWISE may have stolen the show for the month of July, but the afterparty is shaping up to be quite a hit, too. Both the alpha Capricornids and the Southern Delta Aquariids will peak tonight.

The alpha Capricornids are active for most of the summer, usually between July 2 and August 10. The Capricornids are generally expected to peak between July 15 and July 30, with the Southern Delta Aquariids joining it as July 28 moves into the early hours of the 29th.

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The best viewing times will be after midnight tonight, so this sky-show will technically be its most dazzling as it moves into Wednesday morning, July 29.

While neither of these showers is huge on their own, they could each produce anywhere between 10 and 20 meteors per hour together, creating quite the show over Southern skies.

Even more special, the Capricornids are known to produce a number of bright fireballs during its peak. That's one way to set the skies a-blaze!

With the moon at 61% fullness tonight, you should have a pretty good chance at catching these stellar showers without too much moonlight interference.

Your best chance to catch a glimpse will be in a secluded place away from the bulk of light pollution that comes from cities.

If you’re looking for the perfect dark spot to watch from Bahia Honda State Park, Kissimmee Prairie Preserve, and Dry Tortugas National Park are some of your best bets.

Put down Netflix for the night and turn your gaze outside, the night sky will be putting on a different kind of show to binge!

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