Alberta's Minister of Justice doesn't think defunding the police is a good idea. 

Kaycee Madu became Canada's first Black justice minister when Premier Jason Kenney appointed him to the position on August 25, 2020, as reported by Global News. The minister has revealed that he wants to amend the Police Act but he's not in favour of defunding police departments. 

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It is nonsensical to say ‘I’m going to take money away from the police services’ at a time when there are all kinds of uncertainties. 

Kaycee Madu

Madu said that he's going to be focusing on improving the police complaints process for civilians as well as practices such as street checks and carding. 

He also said that he was "disinvited" from speaking at an anti-racism protest in Edmonton because he is Conservative. 

Madu said that he feels "fortunate" to be the first Black individual in his position but regrets "it took this long." 

Via The Edmonton Journal