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Alberta’s Labour Day Storm Brought Summer Snow & It Looked Like January (PHOTOS)

Residents of the Rockies woke up to an unpleasant surprise on Monday morning. Alberta’s Labour Day storm brought winter-like snow to the region and the photos make it hard to believe that it’s still actually summer! In fact, temperatures in some areas failed to reach double digits all day.

If you thought the first week of September was too early for mini-blizzards and wintry conditions, think again.

Parts of Alberta experienced a harsh introduction to the fall season over the long weekend, thanks to a weak low-pressure system over the Rockies.

This, according to The Weather Network, brought frigid temperatures into the region and gave way to huge blankets of snow in some areas.

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While cities like Calgary got a light dusting, high elevation areas built up several centimetres of snow — so much that it almost looks like January in some photos and clips!

One image from Highwood Pass shows a whopping 14 centimetres of snow at 11 a.m.

Pictures from Sunshine Village in Banff show similar frosty conditions, as they declared "Winter has arrived!"

That's pretty significant for the first week of September, eh?

It was a particularly nasty surprise for some residents, as temperatures had been as high as 30 C just two days earlier.

Throughout the Labour Day holiday, many locals posted photos and videos of the unwelcome frosty conditions in their hometowns.

That said, Environment Canada did issue several notices urging that bad weather was coming.

Last week, the government agency warned that the province was likely to experience an "abrupt transition to fall" over the weekend.

Additionally, multiple frost advisories were issued through Sunday and Monday, warning that freezing temperatures were possible.

The bad news for residents of the Prairie provinces is that things are unlikely to improve as the end of the summer season nears.

The long-range weather forecast predicts that Alberta, alongside Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and eastern British Columbia, will suffer "colder than normal winter temperatures."

Above-average levels of snow are also on the horizon in B.C., Alberta and Saskatchewan. Yikes!

The Rockies weren't the only region to experience wild conditions over the long weekend.

In Toronto, there was a huge lightning storm on Sunday night and the CN Tower even got struck!

The whole province of Ontario is also preparing for some weird weather, as a 20 C temperature difference is expected between the north and south this week.

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