Toronto Had A Mega Lightning Storm Last Night & The CN Tower Was Struck (VIDEO)

One local caught the moment on camera! ⚡️
Toronto's Lightning Storm Was Pretty Wild & The CN Tower Got Struck (VIDEO)
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Storm chasers enjoyed a real show in the GTA last night! Toronto’s lightning storm lasted for several hours from Sunday night into Monday morning, and those who were awake captured some pretty impressive moments.

Throughout the storm, frequent lightning was spotted across southern Ontario, combined with heavy rain and gusty winds in some areas.

In one particularly spectacular clip, lightning was spotted striking the CN Tower.

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Thankfully, the CN Tower is fully equipped to cope with being hit by lightning. It actually gets struck around 75 times every year!

According to The Weather Network’s official Storm Hunter, Mark Robinson, "at one point we had almost 20 strikes a second between Windsor and Hamilton."

"I’ve never seen a lightning show like that in Ontario. Ever," he said.

Via The Weather Network

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