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Ibaka And Lowry Had A Heated Moment Yesterday & VanVleet Had To Step In (VIDEO)

The Raptors got a little heated during Game 5. After a technical foul was reported, Ibaka and Lowry had a tense moment and VanVleet had to step in. 

In the third quarter, Lowry committed a personal foul on Jayson Tatum, which then turned into a technical foul after the player said something during the first free throw. 

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With the team already losing the game, Ibaka seemed to get frustrated at the situation. 

The player could be seen shouting, "come on man, we're losing," towards Lowry while pointing to the scoreboard.

VanVleet stepped in and later spoke on the incident, but the moment was over as soon as it began.

"Kyle had his moment with the ref. Serge had his moment with Kyle. But we moved on, we moved past it. It happens. We're brothers," VanVleet said via ESPN.

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