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A Typhoon Is Bringing Cold Weather To Canada Next Week & It'll Feel Like Fall

It's time to dig out those cozy sweaters! 🍂
The Weather In Canada Is About To Get Fall-Like Thanks To A Super Distant Typhoon

September has only just begun, but the temperatures are about to plummet. A distant typhoon is expected to bring cold weather in Canada next week, and it’s going to feel like it’s fall already. Time to dig out those cozy sweaters again, eh?

If you were hoping that summer might last a little longer in Canada this year, there’s bad news ahead.

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A new report from The Weather Network warns that Typhoon Maysak will bring chilly conditions this way next week, and Canadians are expected to feel a “fall-like nip in the morning air.”

According to this report, residents of central Canada and the eastern Prairies should expect low temperatures throughout next week, thanks to a typhoon that’s tracking through Asia.

Typhoon Maysak is expected to head towards the Koreas this week, before dissipating as it travels through northeastern China.

While the storm won’t come anywhere near Canada, a “side effect” of the typhoon will cause cold air from Siberia to be funnelled into central and eastern North America.

During this time, temperatures could drop into the low-teens on some nights in southern Ontario and Quebec, while Saskatchewan and northern Ontario may have daytime highs of 10 C and under.

Frost could even be on the horizon, warns the report.

There is one region that will enjoy the aftermath of Maysak, however.

Next week, “a ridge of high pressure” that’s been building on British Columbia’s coast will bring higher-than-normal temperatures to the province.

In fact, it could even trigger some of the summer’s hottest conditions so far!

With the Canadian Farmers' Almanac predicting a long, cold and extra-snowy winter for 2020, a sneak-peek of fall is probably an unwelcome surprise for many people.

That said, with pumpkin-spice-everything returning to Canada already, perhaps it’s time to embrace the new season with open arms?

Like it or not, it’s about to get chilly. Stay cozy, Canada!

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