Tim Hortons' Fall Menu Just Dropped & There's Pumpkin Spice Everything

Pumpkin Spice Timbits, anyone?! 🍂
Tim Hortons Pumpkin Spice Latte Is Coming Back Along With Fall Timbits & Muffins
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Is it too soon? The Tim Hortons fall menu just dropped in Canada, and our favourite deliciously fall-flavoured treats are making a comeback. These seasonal items won't last forever, so grab your foodie bucket list ASAP.

If you're on the right side of the great pumpkin spice debate, there's good news in store for you!

While it isn't quite autumn yet, that hasn't stopped the season from seeping into our lives via our favourite coffee chains.

Tim Hortons told Narcity about this year's launch of all things pumpkin spiced, and it's time to get excited.

To celebrate the leaves changing colour and temperatures dropping, the coffee giant has launched a brand new Timbit that's appropriately fall-flavoured.

Starting on August 26, Pumpkin Spice Timbits will be available at locations across Canada.

If that wasn't enough, there's another baked good that will have you ready to put on your flannel.

You'll also be able to grab muffins that are filled with creamy pumpkin spice and topped with crunchy nuts.

Then, starting on September 2, it's time to sip on fall favourites with Tims' Pumpkin Spice Lattes and Iced Capps.

They're both topped with whipped cream and pumpkin spice drizzle.

These seasonal items will be available at locations all over Canada until mid-November, or until supplies last.

In 2019, Tims also featured a pumpkin spice specialty tea, a pumpkin spice tea latte, a pumpkin spice donut and even a pumpkin spice brownie.

There's been no word yet on if those items will also be returning this year, but we're keeping our fingers crossed!

You can never have too much pumpkin during fall, right?

With the 2020 lineup of seasonal treats available across Canada, prices may vary for these items depending on where you are.

If you're looking to get your festive fix ASAP, Starbucks has also introduced its new fall menu in Canada.

As of August 25, you can get a classic PSL along with a pumpkin cream cold brew, a salted caramel mocha and a pumpkin cream cheese muffin.

All that's left to do now is wait for the leaves to change, eh?

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