Burn, baby, burn! The weather in Canada in July this year was pretty hot, especially in three major cities. The month was the warmest it's been on record for those places.

If you felt like last month was an absolute scorcher in Ottawa, Toronto and Montreal, you're not wrong.

There were heat warnings and the humidity making it feel like 40 C or even higher.

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Ottawa, Toronto and Montreal, each had their hottest July on record this year!

The Weather Network released the most memorable weather moments from the month which included the three major cities breaking temperature records.

While Toronto had the highest average temperature for the month out of the three, it didn't have the honour of being the one with the most extreme daytime high.

Ottawa got that super hot honour for the month with 36.9 C and that's not even factoring in the humidex.

The average temperature for the month in Canada's capital was 24 C, lower than the other two cities.

Just because the average is in the 20s, that doesn't mean most of the month was at that temperature because it takes into account the daytime and overnight temperature.

July 2020 is actually tied with 2012 for having the most days that were at or above 30 C.

Toronto broke a record from 2011 for the hottest July.

This year the average temperature for the month was 25 C while it was 24.4 C in 2011.

The city's most extreme temperature was 35.5 C.

A record was also broken for the warmest overnight average minimum temperatures with almost 20 C. The Weather Network said that's actually warmer than the daytime July highs in some coastal areas of B.C.

Montreal is in the middle of the pack when it comes to the average and the extreme.

The city saw an average temperature of 24.3 C for the month of July while the most extreme daytime high was 36.1 C.

Both The Weather Network and Environment Canada predicted a hot summer for most parts of the country and that seems to be the case.

If you love this season, take advantage of whatever warm weather you can because fall is creeping closer with every passing day.