Be on the lookout for these! The hand sanitizer recall Canada has in place right now keeps growing with more products added to the list of what's dangerous to use. There are even some that you might know.

Health Canada has put out an evergrowing list of sanitizers that have been recalled because they can pose a health risk to the people who use them.

The products have ethanol or denaturants in them that aren't acceptable for use in this country.

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Since these ingredients haven't been approved to be used in sanitizers, both their safety and effectiveness haven't been verified. 

As of August 6, just over 50 sanitizers have been recalled because of their unauthorized ingredients. That number could get even higher.

There are even some that you might know.

Nature's Own Cosmetics from Toronto had its Gel 700 Hand Sanitizer recalled for using ethyl acetate and/or methanol.

They came in three different sizes.

DashVapes' sanitizer was also taken off the market for unacceptable ingredients.

Upstreet Craft Brewing, a craft brewery in P.E.I., had its Do Gooder Hand Sanitizer recalled at the end of July.

Both the 65% and 85% ones were affected.

A portion of the sales of these products went towards providing non-profit and community organizations with sanitizer.

There are some possible reactions to these particular ingredients. 

That includes skin irritation and cracking, upper respiratory system irritation, and headaches.

If you have any of the recalled products, Health Canada recommends not using them anymore and to dispose of them properly or return them.

You should also consult a health care professional if you used them and have any concerns.

There's also another list with hand sanitizers that have been approved for use by Health Canada.