Canada's Summer Forecast Has Finally Landed & Heat Waves "Are Likely"

Grab your sunglasses and your sunscreen!
Canada's Summer Weather Forecast Has Finally Landed & Heat Waves "Are Likely"
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Grab your sunglasses and your sunscreen, it’s going to be a hot and sunny summer in Canada! On Monday, The Weather Network released their Canada summer weather forecast for this year, and there’s some good news ahead. Canucks can expect heat waves, sunshine and high temperatures, but periodic breaks will keep it from getting too hot. 

If you were planning to spend the summer lounging in your backyard, paddling on the lake and relaxing on the beach, The Weather Network has got some good news in store.

According to their new Canadian summer forecast, it’s going to be a pleasant couple of months for most of the country, with June, July and August expected to be warm and sunny, without any “relentless heat.”

June is expected to have “spring-like” weather for the most part, with regular doses of mid-summer warmth and sunshine.

By July, more consistent hot conditions are likely to take over, with temperatures hovering at normal or above-normal levels for this time of year.

In places like southern Ontario and Quebec, heat waves are likely. Thankfully, however, regular cool breaks will prevent the temperatures from becoming too relentless.

Sounds almost perfect, right?!

Throughout the course of the season, most Canadians should expect an average amount of rainfall.

That said, regions in the Prairies, northwestern Ontario and the Great Lakes should be prepared for “numerous” thunderstorms, and a little more rain than usual.

While meteorologists expect parts of eastern Quebec and Atlantic Canada could be in for a pretty dry summer, an active tropical season is also on the horizon, which could bring “excessive rainfall” into these dry areas. This would help to bring the final rainfall total to near-normal again.

However, like all good things, the summer must eventually come to an end. For folks in Alberta, B.C., Saskatchewan and Manitoba, this could be a little earlier than most.

The weather agency predicts that these provinces will experience a quicker end to the warm season, with cooler temperatures creeping back in by the end of August.

With thunderstorms, rainfall, dry conditions, early cold-temperatures and heat waves expected this summer, it sounds like Canada is in for a little bit of everything this year.

That said, with an overall warm and sunny summer on the horizon, we can't complain too much, eh?!

Helena Hanson
Senior Editor
Helena Hanson is a Senior Editor for Narcity Media, leading the Travel and Money teams. She previously lived in Ottawa, but is now based in the U.K.