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Calgary's Winter Forecast Is Here & It's Going To Be Absolutely Bone-Chilling

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Calgary's Winter Forecast Is Here & It's Going To Be Absolutely Bone-Chilling

Settle down, 2020. If you thought that the coming winter was going to go easy on Alberta, think again. Calgary's winter forecast just came out and it looks to be a dry, frigid, and unforgivingly cold season. 

According to the Canadian Farmers' Almanac, most parts of the country are going to get pummelled with above-average snow and brutally cold temperatures. 

While some parts of the province will get occasional breaks from the bone-chilling conditions, Calgary is not one of them. In fact, things are set to be worse than normal in terms of the icy weather. 

Alberta, alongside Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Western Ontario, and eastern British Columbia, will be experiencing "colder than normal winter temperatures." 

If normal is -45 C cold domes, which we saw last year in Alberta, then we shudder to think what worse than normal conditions will look like. 

It's not just the temperatures that will have you grabbing your heaviest winter jacket; the snow is going to be fairly ruthless on its own. 

The Almanac said, "above-normal snow is expected over the interior of British ColumbiaAlberta, and Saskatchewan." 

On top of that, the Almanac also predicts a "dry" winter in the western part of the country.

If recent history is anything to go by, Calgary shouldn't be too surprised by extreme winter temperatures. 

The winter of 2018-2019 was so bad that the City of Calgary had to shut down schools, ski hills, and more. 

In January of 2020, according to the Weather Network, the temperature dropped to a low of nearly -32 C.

In fact, that trend continued for a whole week before the temperature swung in the other direction and reached a high of 10 C by late January. 

But then, in March, Calgary was struck by a devastating snowstorm.

So it's safe to say you need to prepare for all weather possibilities when it comes to Alberta winters. Even in the summers, some towns look like they've been hit with a blizzard. 

Therefore, Alberta is no stranger to ridiculous cold snaps and shivering conditions.

But when things are "above-normal," you better prepare to get your snowsuit ready. 

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