You'll have to be even more careful driving around in Calgary. 

On Tuesday, September 1, the City of Calgary unveiled its new mobile photo radar locations. Crowchild Trail, Glenmore Trail, Deerfoot Trail, Macleod Trail, Sarcee Trail, and Stoney Trail are where the new photo radars will be set up. 

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As well as photo radar, there are 54 Intersection Safety Camera (ISC) locations throughout the city. These cameras can photograph vehicles entering the intersections during all phases of the signal, including red light infractions.

City Of Calgary

These traffic enforcement cameras reportedly catch drivers when they're speeding or running through red lights, according to the notice. 

If you're caught speeding over 50 km/h, you'll be told to appear before a judge. 

There's also a "Speed on Green" program that focuses on drivers that speed through green and yellow lights.