Alberta or Area 51? The world's first UFO landing pad was built in St. Paul, Alberta. Yes, it's true, you've been this close to an alien-obsessed town this whole time without even knowing it. 

We'd say a little trip to this weird and fascinating spot is in order. For every phenomenal turquoise lake or canyon that this province is blessed with, it's also got a weird manmade structure to even it out. 

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Honestly, that's why we love the province so much. It doesn't hold back from embracing its quirkiness. If you've got a little bit of curiosity about the existence of extraterrestrial creatures, this destination should be on your bucket list. 

The town of St. Paul is located in the eastern part of the province. The drive from Edmonton will be about two and a half hours whereas the drive from Calgary is nearly double that. 

Though there's plenty to see and do in St. Paul and the surrounding area, this baby is the crown jewel. And rightfully so. 

The landing pad was built over forty-three years ago in 1967. According to the town of St. Paul, the landing pad was built as the landmark for the town. 

"During the grand opening on June 3, 1967, St. Paul was declared the Centennial Capital of Canada," read the summary. 

But the town didn't stop just there. In the 90s, the mayor at the time opened up a "UFO exhibit" below the flying saucer pad. 

The exhibit contains all sorts of information about alien theories, including photos of UFOs, crop circles, and cattle mutilations. 

"A UFO Hotline compliments the display with reports of UFO sightings and encounters of all kinds," says the town's website. 

This might not be like a classic trip to the mountains but it doesn't mean the attraction is any less thrilling.

Plus, it's all free, so it doesn't hurt to make a quick stop to check what it's all about.  

According to Atlas Obscura, the massive structure has a time capsule inside, which is to be opened up in 2067 — 100 years after it was buried. 

Whether or not you believe in aliens, there's no denying that structures as fascinating and unique as these need to be seen. 

Alberta's actually got quite a number of unconventional attractions, so the next time you're on a road trip, consider stopping by them rather than venturing to the 100th mountain lookout. 

UFO Landing Pad

Address: 4844-5012 53 St., St. Paul, AB

Why You Need To Go: To check out a historic, unique attraction designed to welcome the mighty aliens to our planet. Their first point of entry: Alberta.