If you're missing a giant chunk of change, you might want to check this out. 

On Thursday, September 10, the government notified the public that there's $103 million worth of "forgotten funds" resting in an Alberta missing money registry. Over 250,000 people can make a claim for their property or money. 

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The total includes almost $900,000 in uncashed dividends belonging to an individual Albertan. 

Government of Alberta

The release mentioned that this amount is the "highest individual value ever held in the registry."

How it works is that you have to type your name in the registry and find if there is any property listed under your name. If your name pops up, you need to go through the steps to file your claim. 

The types of property in the registry include uncashed cheques, scholarships, employment income, utility refunds, and more. All property under the registry has been "dormant" or abandoned for one to 15 years.