Edmonton Just Made Face Masks Mandatory For Public Transit & City Facilities

The bylaw goes into effect on August 1.
Wearing Masks In Edmonton Will Become Mandatory For Public Transit & City Buildings

Edmonton becomes the latest city to enforce a mandatory mask bylaw. 

On Thursday, July 23, the local government announced that wearing masks in Edmonton will become mandatory on public transit and in city-owned facilities, including attractions and services. 

August 1

The bylaw goes into effect

Edmonton Mayor Don Iveson organized an emergency session on Thursday morning to discuss whether Edmonton would be following in the footsteps of Calgary in terms of mandating masks in public spaces. 

According to CTV News, the city will be focusing on educating locals on wearing masks rather than punishing them for not doing so. 

Mayor Iveson has reportedly criticized Premier Kenney for not creating a mandatory-mask rule across the province. 

Via CTV News