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West Edmonton Mall's World Waterpark Has Indoor Surfing

Your California Dreams are closer than you know! Whether you live to catch waves or have never been on a surfboard, West Edmonton Mall's World Waterpark has simulating surfing that is perfect for rookies and pros alike. 

They have a special pool called the "tsunami" which pumps out water at high velocity to recreate actual waves that you can carve in.

Definitely worth checking out if you're a wanna-be beach bum trapped in the city. 

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$30 drop-in surf session

You can even join the WEM surf club, which is for all skill levels and offers lessons and drop-in sessions.

For newbies, they have a surf intro lesson that runs about 90 minutes and costs $79. But if you're a total pro, you can snag a six-visit punch pass for $150.

Surfing with your squad would be an epic weekend adventure. And if you're really wanting to go all out, you can rent a cabana to avoid the crowds and kick back with some tropical cocktails.

Get all the Cali beach vibes without ever having to get sand in your shorts. 

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