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Canadian 'Queen Of Cons' Spent Years Stealing Money By Pretending To Be A Wealthy Heiress

She tricked her latest victims out of $170,000 with a wild lie!
Canadian Con Artist Spent Years Stealing Money By Pretending To Be A Wealthy Heiress

After decades of lying and stealing, a Canadian con artist with a lengthy criminal record has pleaded guilty in a Calgary court on Thursday, October 8.

In her latest scheme, Jane Elizabeth Moore, 45, told people she was in line to inherit over $36 million from the late Doc Seaman family, according to CBC. If that name sounds familiar, he used to own the Calgary Flames.

The recent victims said in court that Moore swindled them out of $170,000, promising she would pay them back once her big inheritance came through.

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You are the queen of cons.

One of the victims said in court

Moore has had a long run of fraudulent charges, dating back to 2003, according to CBC. Alberta RCMP said in a 2017 press release that Moore has gone by a number of aliases.

• Jane Seaman
• Elizabeth Seaman
• Jane Norman
• Jane Plimmer
• JJ O’Conner
• Jane Smith

Aside from convincing people to give her money, Moore also lied about having health problems, like having cancer and a disease that made her eyes and ears bleed. According to CBC, a court-ordered evaluation said she eventually admitted she'd used needles to poke her eye, nose and ears to cause them to bleed.

Moore also apparently had a short marriage to a Calgary police officer. At which time she was also charged with impersonating a cop.

At court, Moore was handed time served and nine months of probation and has to pay back $40,000. 

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