The RCMP Is Hiring & You Can Work Your Way Into Fields Like Forensics Or Cybercrime

Do you want to be a Mountie?
The RCMP Is Hiring & You Can Work Your Way Into Fields Like Forensics Or Cybercrime

While 2020 hasn't exactly presented a strong job market (for obvious reasons), there are still areas where you can find work. Currently, the RCMP is hiring new recruits across Canada. If you take that path, you can even get into some pretty interesting fields of investigation.

If you're looking for a career in policing but aren't sure about what type of work you really want to get into, the RCMP has plenty to choose from.

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Specializations include forensic investigation, cybercrime intelligence, national security, drugs and organized crime, and even working specifically with trained police dogs.

The application process is easy to follow, and the requirements are clearly listed on the RCMP website.

These include being a Canadian citizen or permanent resident with a Canadian secondary school diploma (or equivalent).

You must also be at least 18 years of age and proficient in either French or English (if you're interested in learning a second language, you can get additional training on that).

Other factors involve psychological and physical health, as well as hearing and vision tests.

You'll also have to be comfortable carrying and using a firearm and have a valid driver's license with no restrictions.

While you would be required to work shifts that could involve nights and weekends, the pay is definitely worth it.

Not only do you get a starting salary of over $50,000, but you also get a $525 a week allowance during cadet training at the depot in Saskatchewan.

After that, your pay increases at a steady rate until it reaches over $86,000 in your third year.

Training can be intense though, so if you want to get into the field, you should be prepared for some very rigorous instruction.

That includes being able to run five kilometres without stopping and eventually working your way up to 10 and 20 kilometres.

If all of this adds up to a career path you are interested in pursuing, you can find out how to apply at the RCMP website, or you can contact a recruiter in your area.

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