A Black Bear Has Been Killed In BC Because People Kept Leaving Food Out To Get Videos

"You were willing to coexist, but people were not."
Huckleberry The Bear Was Killed In BC Because People Kept Feeding It To Get Videos

A well-known black bear in North Shore, B.C. is no longer with us and humans are reportedly to blame. On Wednesday, August 5, the North Shore Black Bear Society posted on social media saying that conservation officers had recently killed Huckleberry the bear

The society mentioned in their post that humans were letting the bear eat from their garbage so they could get videos of it.

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They've cited this as one of the reasons that the black bear was eventually killed as it was frequenting local properties. 

The society first started interacting with Huckleberry on July 2. "You were eating scraps from an organics cart - the enclosure had been left open. Even though you were eating, you were very easy to move on," the post read. 

Huckleberry was named so because he was very fond of this type of berry. The staff were "proud" that he liked natural foods. 

"You were such an easy-going, calm bear. The perfect Deep Cove resident" added the post. 

The problem allegedly began when reports emerged that the bear was eating from garbage cans and organics carts. 

"People admitted they allowed you to do that for a video and they neglected to move you on," read the post. "A death sentence," they added. 

If people had used a "firm voice" on the bear and respected it enough to not let him dig in the garbage for scraps, then perhaps the situation wouldn't have escalated, said the post. 

The inciting event occurred on July 31. The society staff went to check on the bear as he was devouring berries.

"By the time we reached you, you were being followed by residents who wanted a video of you eating organics from an unlocked cart." 

But because of the sheer number of people surrounding Huckleberry, it wasn't safe to move him from the location. After finishing eating, the bear moved away from the crowd. 

"Later that day you were tranquillized by the Conservation Officers and taken away to be killed," said the post. 

The post then condemned the humans that allowed it to happen. "You were willing to coexist, but people were not."

They finished off by remembering Huckleberry once again. "We’ll always have a place in our hearts for you, sweet boy." 

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