The world is a big place with lots of timezones and that means that it's already 2021 in Australia and New Zealand

Those countries have also been relatively successful in controlling COVID-19, with lower case numbers in their regions. 

That means the New Year there was rung in with big crowds and celebrations that are reminiscent of pre-pandemic parties. 

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The Sky Tower in Auckland, New Zealand held a fireworks show to commemorate the start of another year. 

Below on the streets, crowds gathered to take in the lights. 

With COVID-19 under control there, the streets were flooded with people in a sight reminiscent of New Year's Eve parties before the pandemic. 

In Sydney, Australia there were smaller crowds coming together to witness the fireworks at the harbour.

As other parts of the world wait to say goodbye to 2020, we can't help but be jealous of the situation down under. 

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