The NDP leader, Jagmeet Singh, has been calling out Justin Trudeau all week, and today is no different. He tweeted at the PM on Thursday morning, along with a video of four Indigenous children calling for clean water in their community.

The children in the video ask when they can expect to "get help," and when their water is "going to be fixed."

The tweet comes just one day after Singh shared a video of himself on Instagram, explaining the water crisis that the Neskantaga Nation and many other Indigenous communities are currently facing.

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"The Neskantaga Nation and many Indigenous communities are facing a water crisis," he captioned the post.

"25 years without clean water — that's a quarter of a century."

"5 years without a fix from Justin Trudeau — that's half a decade," he continued, adding: "Every day of delay is cruel violation of human rights."

At a conference last Friday, the PM acknowledged the water crisis, admitting that "there’s lots more work to do."

He added that this issue "matters an awful lot to us as a government," and assured Canadians that they are "working extremely quickly."

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