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RCMP Admits To Systemic Racism But Says They Didn't Fail Indigenous Fishers

The police force has spoken out.
RCMP Admits To Systemic Racism In Their Force But Says They Did Not Fail Indigenous Fishermen

The RCMP has finally spoken out on the ongoing violence in Nova Scotia.

On Wednesday, RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki spoke to reporters to address what has transpired on Canada's east coast and shared what the police force has planned in order to curb the violence. 

But not before telling reporters that the RCMP has a systemic racism problem. 

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I did acknowledge that there is systemic racism in the RCMP

Brenda Lucki

During the conference, the commissioner hinted that the RCMP has a lot of work to do in combatting racism since they themselves have engaged in it.

"I did acknowledge that there is systemic racism in the RCMP."

She also said that she does not agree with Canadian ministers who have spoken out against the force and questioned if they were doing enough to stop the violence on the ground.

Lucki also said that the RCMP did "absolutely not" let down the Mi'kmaw fishermen.

"I have full confidence in officers on the ground. I have full confidence in the command structure and the management structure. The members, including our divisional liaison teams, have been working tirelessly to maintain a peaceful environment."

Additionally, she confirmed that the RCMP will have a team of Indigenous officers from Nova Scotia who will work to resolve the conflict too as they have knowledge of the on-going fishing dispute she said has been "going on for years." 

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