In a touching tweet, Jagmeet Singh revealed that he's the grandson of Sikh Genocide survivors and he honoured those who lost their lives.

He shared that 36 years ago, in 1984, his family and people who looked like him were the targets of genocide.

While he felt alone because of this, Singh said he knows it's something that a lot of Canadians have in common.

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I felt alone - but this is a story many Canadians share.

Jagmeet Singh

He also tweeted that many people around the world who fled genocide, violence and persecution have been given refuge "by Canada and the first people of this land."

"For that, I am forever grateful," he said.

Singh also lit a candle to honour those who lost their lives and to "challenge the darkness" with light.

"We have an opportunity to build a Canada where we lift each other up so that we all rise," the NDP leader added.

The same day Singh shared his connection to the Sikh Genocide, he responded to the people who used their turbans to save two teens who had fallen through ice.

He explained that a turban is worn because it's a beacon.

"In times of need, find someone wearing a Dastaar and they will help you," he said. "This story embodies this spirit in the most Canadian way."

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