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Jagmeet Singh Reacted To The Calgary Turban Rescue & Said He Is 'So Thankful'

He described the meaning of turbans in the Sikh faith.
Jagmeet Singh Reacted To The Calgary Turban Rescue & Said He Is 'So Thankful'

On Friday, October 30, two teen girls fell through a frozen pond in Calgary and were saved by a group of local men who unravelled their turbans to make a rope. 

The Calgary turban rescue has caught the attention of the NDP party leader, Jagmeet Singh, who has spoken out about it on Twitter

A witness to the rescue said that, "In their Sikh faith it’s a big thing to take your turban off but they didn’t think for one moment," when speaking about the heroic efforts of the men. 

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One of the reasons Sikhs wear a Dastaar (turban) is because it represents a beacon. Jagmeet Singh

"In times of need, find someone wearing a Dastaar and they will help you," he continued. 

He called the story an embodiment of that spirit "in the most Canadian way." 

He finished his brief messaged by saying he is thankful the girls were brought to safety. 

A number of Twitter users have commented on the politician's tweet, thanking him for sharing information about his faith and saying they didn't know the meaning until now. 

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