Now that’s a happy ending! The teeny-tiny Rockefeller Christmas tree owl is on the mend and will be returning to life in the wild very soon.

In a Facebook post on November 21, the wildlife organization caring for New York’s tiniest celebrity shared an update about his well being.

Ravensbeard Wildlife Center confirmed that the owl was feeling “much better” after his ordeal and said he’d be returning to his natural habitat as soon as an appropriate release site could be found.

“Today we are scouting locations and determining the best timing for his release, which will likely be tomorrow or Monday,” the organization explained on Saturday.

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In another update about the little creature, Ravensbeard Wildlife Centre confirmed that they had given him an X-ray which had come back all clear.

The organization also revealed that they’d been monitoring “Rockefeller” the owl for several days and were “feeding him all the mice he will eat.”

Just days earlier, the creature had been discovered inside New York City’s iconic Rockefeller Christmas tree, where he’d been hiding without any food sources.

After he was rescued by a worker from the tree transportation company, the tiny saw-whet owl was moved to the wildlife refuge to rest and recuperate.

Despite his rough start to the season, it looks like this little guy will be back home just in time for the holidays.

Nothing like a happy ending at Christmas time, eh?

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