Just when you thought the Rockefeller tree owl story couldn’t get any better, Serge Ibaka's name has popped up!

After a teeny-tiny owl was found inside New York City’s iconic Rockefeller center Christmas tree, pictures of the little creature spread far and wide across the internet.

In a tweet, one person made the best comparison between the small bird and the Toronto Raptors very own Serge Ibaka.

Once you've seen "Serge Owlbaka," it's pretty hard to unsee.

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The tweet refers to the time Serge Ibaka was spotted wearing that iconic, extra-large orange scarf — pretty similar to the one the Rockefeller owl is wrapped up in.

The duo look like two peas in a pod when donning their matching oversized knits!

Thankfully, after a shaky start to the festive season, the little bird is now safe at a local animal rescue centre. 

When he’s ready, the organization intends to release him back into the wild.

While Rockefeller the owl will get his happy ending, it could be a different story for the city's Christmas tree — as some people are already describing it as "seriously raggedy." Yikes!