Throwing an illegal party in Ontario will now come at a serious cost. Premier Doug Ford announced that Ontario's party fines are increasing for hosts.

Organizers of these events will now be fined five figures โ€” the highest in the country, as promised by the premier yesterday.


New fine for hosts of illegal parties

"This is frustrating for all Ontarians โ€” when you have these people that just recklessly ignore the regulations and guidelines," Ford expressed on Thursday.

"I sit back and wonder, 'These people must be a few fries short of a Happy Meal,'" he continued.

"This is to send a message to the reckless, careless people that want to hold these parties, who want to put their neighbours and their community in jeopardy."

Gathering limits have also been reduced in Toronto, Peel Region, and Ottawa.

Starting Friday, only 10 people will be allowed to congregate indoors, and 25 people outdoors.

NOW WATCH Ontario Officially Reduces Gathering Limits In Toronto, Peel & Ottawa

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