Ontario Officially Reduces Gathering Limits In Toronto, Peel & Ottawa (VIDEO)

These new changes will start on Friday.
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Ontario's Gathering Limits Have Officially Been Reduced In Toronto, Peel & Ottawa

Parts of the province have officially moved backwards in reopening. Doug Ford announced on Thursday that Ontario's gathering limits have been reduced in some cities. 

In a press conference, the premier announced that Toronto, Ottawa and Peel region would be affected by this change. 

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New outdoor gathering limit

Ford confirmed that starting on Friday, indoor gathering limits would be reduced from 50 to 10. 

While outdoor gatherings will be slashed from 100 people to only 25. 

These new rules will be put in place for social events and gatherings, like parties in backyards and parks.

However, they will not be applied to businesses such as movie theatres and gyms. 

Ford also stated that a minimum fine of $10,000 will be handed out to the organizers for illegal social gatherings. 

"We can't afford to let a few rule-breakers reverse all the hard work the people of Ontario have made the past few months. It's just not fair," Ford stated. 

On Thursday, 85 new cases of COVID-19 were reported in Toronto, with an additional 63 in Peel and 39 in Ottawa.

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