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Ford Says Ontario Will Have The Worst Fines In Canada For Breaking COVID-19 Rules

He says they're going to be "severe."
Ontario COVID-19 Fines Will Be Highest In The Country According To Doug Ford

Ontarians are going to be seeing some costly penalties if they continue to gather in large groups.

On Wednesday, Premier Doug Ford threatened to increase Ontario's COVID-19 fines to the highest in the country.

When asked about fines for rule-breaking, Ford was steadfast in his response.

“There’s going to be some severe, severe fines for people who want to ignore the regulations and the guidelines," he said.

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They're going to be the highest in the country.

Premier Doug Ford

While he didn’t provide the exact number, he did say he would likely announce it tomorrow.

Ford has been incredibly vocal in trying to dissuade Ontarians from partying, even saying he'd take it upon himself to cancel people's parties for them.

The premier is expected to announce new gathering restrictions in Toronto, Peel, and Ottawa sometime this week.

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