Doug Ford Told The People Of Brampton To Cancel Their Weekend Parties Or He Will (VIDEOS)

"We won’t hesitate to shut it down."
Brampton Backyard Parties This Weekend Are Off The Table, Says Doug Ford

As Labour Day weekend approaches, it may be tempting to organize a backyard get-together. Well, Premier Ford is trying to put a full stop to Brampton backyard parties this weekend in response to an uptick in COVID-19 cases as of late. He said any illicit events will be shut down.

The premier spoke to Ontarians from Bracebridge today in one of his daily media briefings. 

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“I am really concerned about what is happening in Brampton,” he admitted when discussing the recent spike in cases and the breakdown of them.

Ford told listeners that Ontarians cannot be having backyard parties.

“Anyone who is thinking of having a big shindig this weekend: forget about it, cancel it! Or we won’t hesitate to shut it down,” the premier threatened.

He also spoke on the dangers of sharing drinks or drugs at parties.

“You shouldn’t be sharing anything. I don't care if it’s those doobies, joints, or [...] drinks — just don’t share. Simple.”

He continued on to remind folks to wear a face covering and to not have more than ten people at any gathering.

Ford acknowledged that, while the outdoor gathering limit is currently set at 100, most backyards cannot hold this number of people while still allowing for social distancing.

"Let's just follow the protocols, be safe, and everyone [will be] hunky-dory," he said.

Brampton has come under the spotlight for a number of large parties that have broken COVID-19 protocols as of late. 

Over the summer, the city saw a 200-person house party, amongst others, that resulted in the home owners being charged under the city's bylaw with a maximum penalty of up to $100,000.

The region struggled to get its gatherings under control, raising the question of whether residents would be able to enter Stage 3.

This week, the premier also urged university students not to party, saying he felt like a dad in the process.