Brampton's Wild House Parties Could Stop The Whole City From Reopening

Ontario's top doctor says partiers could hold the entire region back.
Brampton's Wild House Parties Could Stop The Whole City From Reopening

A night of hard partying usually comes at a cost, but this time, the entire city might suffer. Brampton house parties have become a nuisance for the Peel Region. So much so, that Ontario's top doctor Christine Elliott says they could keep the area from proceeding to stage 3 of reopening. 

Police have broken up numerous illegals gatherings in Brampton recently. However, perhaps none were more problematic than the not-so-secret house party that hosted 200 people on July 25.

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The party, located near Countryside Drive and Goreway Road, quickly got the attention of concerned neighbours, despite the host's efforts to conceal it.

It was reported that barriers were put up around the home to keep people from seeing inside. The host even hired private security and apparently told guests not to post about the event on social media.

Minister Elliott was clearly frustrated, saying that actions like these show a "disservice and disrespect for the tremendous work that's being done by our front-line workers and emergency personnel."

Elliott also spoke about her concerns with allowing Peel Region to loosen its restrictions with the rest of Ontario.

"I know that the people in Peel Region want to move into stage 3. Both the individuals and businesses want to, but when something like this happens, it sets everything back."

"The situation with the parties in Brampton doesn't help the situation, and that is something that I know that [Ontario Medical Officer of Health] Dr. Williams and his team are looking at," she added.

Premier Doug Ford did not hold back his rage either. The Ontario Leader slammed the partiers, calling them a "bunch of yahoos."

"Like, man, come on! What don't you get?" said the premier.

"It's ridiculous, absolutely ridiculous, that someone would be reckless and careless and go out and hold this party [...] It's staggering. Not one, not two, but three different parties!" 

Ford said that anyone who attended the gathering should get an $800 fine and that the homeowner dealt the maximum penalty of $100,000.

Patrick John Gilson
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