The weather outside in Toronto is frightful, and it will likely stay that way all day!

A Toronto weather advisory warns that the city can expect up to 14 centimetres of snow on Sunday, with snow falling all day through to midnight.

Environment Canada says that roads will be slippery and that there could be low visibility for drivers on account of the snowfall. 

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Centimetres of snow expected

The agency also advised that areas further away from Lake Ontario will experience heavier snowfall, while closer regions could see the snow turn to icy rain later on in the afternoon.

As a result, conditions are expected to be pretty rough for the next little while. 

The City of Toronto has plenty of resources for weather like this, from winter tips for cyclists, drivers, and pedestrians to a real-time map of where the city's salt trucks and snowplows have visited.

So light up your fireplace (or turn on the fireplace channel), stay inside, and stay cozy, Toronto.

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