For anybody wondering “when will the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine come to Canada?” Justin Trudeau has shared an insight!

Speaking during a press conference on Tuesday, December 15, the prime minister confirmed that Canada has secured an early shipment of Moderna’s vaccine candidate.

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This means 168,000 doses could arrive before the new year, pending Health Canada’s approval.

Regulators are now in the final stages of reviewing the potential COVID-19 shot, with a final decision on authorization possible before the end of this week.

Once approved, Trudeau confirmed the shipments to Canada could begin within just 48 hours.

"As with the early shipments of the Pfizer vaccine, this moves us even further forward on getting Canadians protected as quickly as possible," he explained.

Last week, Health Canada gave the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine the green light and the first people in the country were vaccinated as early as Monday.

In a tweet this week, the PM described the development as a “big step” for Canada, but said we’re not out of the woods just yet!

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