Trudeau Says COVID-19 Vaccines Are A 'Big Step' But We're Not Out Of The Woods Yet

The first Canadians were vaccinated on Monday. 💉🇨🇦
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COVID-19 Vaccines In Canada Are A 'Big Step' But Trudeau Says We're Not Out Of The Woods

The prime minister has shared a message following the arrival of the first COVID-19 vaccines in Canada.

In a tweet on Monday, December 14, Justin Trudeau acknowledged that vaccinating Canadians against the illness was a “big step forward” but warned that it’s not over yet.

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The PM shared a video of personal support worker Anita Quidangen getting vaccinated in Ontario on Monday.

She was one of the first people in the province to receive the vaccination, as somebody high-up on the distribution priority list.

Trudeau went on to remind Canadians that now is not the time to ease-up when it comes to following public health guidelines.

He also urged people, once again, to download the government’s COVID-19 alert app.

“That’s how we’ll keep ourselves, our loved ones, and our front line workers - like Anita - safe and healthy,” he wrote.

Canada’s first shipment of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine arrived late on Sunday night, with photos of its arrival being shared widely online.

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