Trudeau Is Begging Canadians To Download The COVID-19 App Again As Cases Top 330K

Several provinces broke COVID-19 records over the weekend.
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Canada's COVID-19 App: Trudeau Is Begging Canadians To Download It As Cases Top 330K

As the country’s case count continues to climb, Justin Trudeau is urging everybody to download Canada’s COVID-19 Alert App. 

In a tweet on Sunday, November 22, the prime minister acknowledged that his advice was getting repetitive, but added, “bear with me - it’s important.”

“We need to get this second wave under control,” he wrote.

As well as practicing regular hand-washing, social distancing and mask-wearing, Trudeau pleaded with Canadians to download the federal government’s COVID-19 app.

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If you ever test positive, put your one-time code into the app. It’ll then let others know they’ve been exposed and should get tested - and it’ll help slow the spread of the virus. Justin Trudeau

Trudeau's comments come as the number of total COVID-19 cases in Canada topped 330,000 on Sunday evening.

One day earlier, four different provinces recorded all-time-high daily figures, with 5,000 new cases confirmed on Saturday alone.

It's not the first time he's asked Canadians to download the government's app, either.

Speaking back in September, when positive tests topped 153,000, the PM shared a similar message about getting the "second wave under control."

At the time, he said using the app would help to protect not only yourself, but your loved ones and Canada’s frontline workers.

Last week, Trudeau also discussed what rising case numbers would mean for the festive season ahead. During a press conference on Friday, he confirmed that a normal Christmas would be “out of the question” this year.

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