You might not need to break the bank to live in the 6ix after all. A Toronto home for sale is currently on the market for under $600,000 and it's super spacious. The price tag is even cheaper than some city condos. 

59 Branstone Road, located in Toronto, Ontario, is a one-bedroom and one-bathroom bungalow that offers an affordable starter home to those looking to live in the city.

The surprisingly roomy home may look small on the outside, but its interior offers all the essentials of modern living.

The rare home boasts itself as a “perfect alternative” to condo living, and it’s easy to see why.

Not only does the house come with plenty of living space it also comes with a basement that could totally be transformed into a man cave or games room.

The kitchen might be a tight squeeze, but what it lacks in space it makes up for in aesthetics.

The inviting room looks like an ideal place to cook and prepare meals with loved ones or as a bachelor.

The backyard is an adorable green oasis that is the perfect place for you to sip on your morning coffee. 

Amongst it’s included amenities are its whirlpool oven, in-unit laundry, and large refrigerator. All you need to purchase is a toaster and a blender and you’re set!

Upload credit : Roger Travassos | Re/Max

In the end, the home’s $599,999 price tag might still seem steep to some, but considering a tiny home in Toronto sold for over a million last month, this might be a steal.

If you're looking for something even cheaper, there are a variety of Ontario homes that are selling for under $50,000.  

Toronto Bungalow 

Price: $599,999

Address: 59 Branstone Rd., Toronto, ON

Description: A cozy affordable home located in a quiet neighbourhood in Toronto.

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