Dallas Cowboys nation will be watching a new face as quarterback this week.

Rookie Ben DiNucci, 23, from James Madison University in Virginia, will be taking the snaps, but you might hear one member of the crowd, in particular, cheering so loud it'll come through your TV screen.

It's easy to see that the football player's girlfriend, Bryn Recker, is his biggest fan, and you might even be a greater admirer of their relationship.

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Not sure how you’ve put up with me for a year already. I appreciate you more than you know

Ben DiNucci 

Recker, who also studied at James Madison, seems to be a professional traveler, as her Insta page is flooded with beautiful pictures of Thailand, Costa Rica, and the canyons of Arizona.

The couple met in college and have now been dating for over a year, and a lot has changed for the two as DiNucci is now in the NFL spotlight.

After he received the call for the Cowboys on draft, the first person to wrap him up was Bryn and the video is sure to bring a tear to your eye.

But they don't just specialize in lovey-dovey posts, as what seems to be the true side of their relationship makes an appearance on Insta.

The true side being goofy and hilarious

The new quarterback has a big weekend ahead of him as he will start against the Philadelphia Eagles.

But no matter how well he does, you can bet on seeing his number one fan cheering from the crowd.

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