Pepsi has been known to come out with new flavors every so often but this one is sure to catch your curiosity.

In celebration of the holidays, the soda company is putting out an extremely limited apple pie flavored Pepsi, which will celebrate those who don't exactly have a strong presence in the kitchen.

The bottles will only be given to winners of the #PepsiApplePieChallenge, which asks soda drinkers to post pics of their baking fails on social media in order to enter the contest.

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Bottles being given away

Those wishing to enter have until December 7 to submit their baking fails.

The thought of an apple-pie soda seemed to have caught the interest of those on Twitter, as reactions to the announcement were quite mixed.

Some even claim that the soda is just another part of the long list of weird things to happen in 2020.

But the only way to find out if the soda is actually as bad as 2020, you'll have to enter and win the contest and try it for yourself.

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