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You Can Get 2 Leggings For Just $24 At Fabletics And Here’s How

What a deal! 😍

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You Can Get 2 Leggings For Just $24 At Fabletics And Here’s How
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What started as a small clothing company founded by Kate Hudson, has grown into one of the biggest online retailers of women's and men's sportswear.

Fabletics sells cute leggings, sports bras, tank tops and other items that are high-quality yet really affordable. We're talking prices as low as $12.

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Right now, if you sign up to become a VIP member, you can get two leggings (or shorts) for just $24 ($29 CDN). There are hundreds of items to choose from, whether you want something in a neutral colour or something in a bold print.

A lot of their leggings are high-waisted and have side pockets for storing your phone or keys. There's nothing more annoying than having to carry a purse when you go on a long hike.

How the VIP membership works is you get a box of clothes that are specially curated for you every month, and you have 30 days to keep or return. It's not only great during a lockdown when you can't really go anywhere and try stuff on in person, but it's also convenient when you have a busy schedule that doesn't allow for much leisurely shopping.

There are other perks for VIP members like free shipping and 50% off everything online.


Price: $24 USD ($29 CDN)

Details: You can get two leggings (or shorts) for just $24 when you sign up to be a VIP member at Fabletics. Members get a box of curated outfits delivered every month. Whatever you don't like, you can return or exchange. Not only that, but you can also get 50% off all items online plus free shipping.

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